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We are a Go to Market accelerator.

Our goal is to provide institutions with FinTechs solutions that can be deployed quickly, breaking the vicious cycle of long and costly selection and implementation. How? We let users experiment the functionality with their own data, in their day to day business. We accelerate the Fintech revenue and bring real solutions to banks.

We say no to long implementations. 

Founded by a group of friends that want to offer simplicity and ease of use in an industry with a perverse incentive for ineffective complexity. 

Too good to be true? Give us a try.... before you buy it. 


"Well done is better than well said"

Benjamin Franklin

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We really like this quote. Ben was right on the money. And we think he would like our initiative. Less talk, more do, so banks can see the results themselves.

So, where does the name come from?
Jabuticaba (Brazilian Portuguese: [ʒabutʃiˈkabɐ]) is the edible fruit of the jabuticabeira (Plinia cauliflora) or Brazilian grapetree. The purplish-black, white-pulped fruit grows directly on the trunk of the tree. It is eaten raw or used to make jellies, jams, juice or wine.


Why we picked that name?
If we are different, the name looks like a good place to start. Before trying us out, you’ll remember the FinTech with the weird name, even if you don't remember the name. After starting your journey with us, you’ll remember the FinTech that changed it all.

(you know, the one with the weird name no one can spell properly)


Thanks for submitting!

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